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How do I know which mattress to choose?

All mattresses are selected based on a risk analysis with the users individual weight, length and position in consideration. More information about our products are available at our product pages.

Do I get a better mattress by choosing air instead of foam?

The choice of mattress must always be made with a risk analysis with consideration of the users individual weight, length and position. Comfort is difficult to measure and therefore you don’t neccessarily get a better mattress by always choosing an air mattress.

Which are the benefits of a hybrid mattress (ex. CuroCell AREA Zone)?

The benefit of a hybrid mattress is the combination of air and foam that creates good conditions for good comfort and pressure distribution. The mattress is self-adjusting and no electronic control unit is needed, which reduces the risk of technical issues with the system.

Do you have questions about a specific product? Please contact Care of Sweden.
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Why is the size of the mattress important?

For the users safety and to reduce compression injuries, the size of the mattress must be adapted to the recommendations of the bed manufacturer. The same recommendation applies to both air and foam mattresses.

What is the difference between a replacement mattress and an overlay mattress?

A replacement mattress can be placed directly on the bed base. An overlay requires, for the users safety, an underlying mattress with our height recommendation of 6 centimeters.

What is the difference between a treating mattress and a preventive mattress?

Our mattresses have preventive features and are also used as an aid in the treatment of pressure ulcers.
Treating CuroCell® A4
Preventative Optimal 5zon

How do I know if the system is set up correctly?

There is a quick guide to the control unit that you can use to check if the system is set up correctly. If in doubt, please read the IFU found here:
Customer Care

What should I consider when making the bed?

Never make the bed with more layers than necessary. More layers between the skin and the mattress creates higher pressure. Always make the bed based on status and general condition of the individual user. You can find more information in our blog post:
Customer Care

How should I think about the bed rail?

For the users safety, the recommendation is 22 centimeter from the unmade surface to the upper edge of the gate. This is important to keep in mind when choosing a bed mattresss and underlying mattress, for example. If the gate height is less than the 22 centimeters that is recommended and the gate is used, a gate elevation must be obtained.

When is it appropriate to make a mattress audit?

We recommend a continuous mattress audit from both a health economic as well as hygienic aspect. More information of how to plan and implement a continuous mattress inventory can be found here.

Most important is that the user has a mattress that meets the quality and hygiene requirements.

For further information about mattress audits, please visit our dedicated webpage:
Mattress auditing

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