A world without pressure ulcers

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The new CuroCell A4

Our new CuroCell A4 is designed to give the user a very good comfort and to be easier than ever to work with.

To CuroCell A4

Care of Swedens environmental audit receives approval

Care of Sweden gets renewed certification in accordance with the requirements of the environmental management system ISO 14001.

All new website, the very same people

Does the website look different? Don't worry, we are the same Care of Sweden as before.

Together we make it possible

Care of Sweden has an ambitious vision; to eliminate pressure ulcers. In addition to human suffering, pressure ulcers also contribute to an increased workload for healthcare professionals. Therefore, more pressure ulcers need to be prevented in time. This is where we come into the picture. 

For over twenty years, we have delivered safe and innovative solutions for that the care can achieve the best possible clinical and economic results. Pressure ulcers can be prevented and together we make it possible.   


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Do you work in healthcare?

Do you work in healthcare?

Here we provide the tools and knowledge you need in your day-to-day work to help to prevent pressure ulcers. 

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Are you a decision maker?

Are you a decision maker?

If so, we can provide you with the necessary information to make decisions, all based on well-founded facts to help you to plan and make the right purchases.

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Care of Sweden exercises for both health and environment

Care of Sweden presents: The Lunch Race 2019. Together we challenge each other in walking the most number of powerwalks, where we focus on health and well-being.

We enjoyed an energizing Kick-off at Borås Kongress

Last Friday, the Care of Sweden-gang gathered at Borås Kongress for an energizing kick off

See you at EPUAP 2019

Meet Care of Sweden during the 21st annual EPUAP conference in Lyon, France.