A world without pressure ulcers

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Study show clinical effect and high comfort with pulsating mode

A recent study show that the use of the pulsating mode has given good results in the work of preventing and treating pressure ulcers.

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Open Webinar - New Research: Prevent pressure ulcers using Pulsation

Watch the replay of Care of Swedens webinar that explores pressure relief using the newly developed Pulsating mode.


Feel safe with the handling of your mattresses

Information regarding the Coronavirus (Covid-19)


Care of Sweden announces change of CEO

After 23 eventful years, it is time for Care of Sweden's founder Magnus Högberg to hand over the position of CEO.

The proportion of pressure ulcers in Sweden has increased during 2021

The result from the 2021 point prevalence measurement shows an increase in the proportion of pressure ulcers compared to the year before.

Care of Sweden honors Stop Pressure Ulcer Day 2021

Stop Pressure Ulcer Day is held on the 18th of November this year. As a proud sponsor to EPUAP we honor the day with a videoseries in three parts.
Do you work in healthcare?

Do you work in healthcare?

Here we provide tools and knowledge for your day-to-day work in preventing pressure ulcers. 

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Are you a decision maker?

Are you a decision maker?

If so, we can provide you with the necessary information to make decisions, all based on well-founded facts to help you to plan and make the right purchases.

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Together we make it possible

Care of Sweden has an ambitious vision; to eliminate pressure ulcers. In addition to human suffering, pressure ulcers also contribute to an increased workload for healthcare professionals. Therefore, more pressure ulcers need to be prevented in time.

For over twenty years, we have delivered safe and innovative solutions for that healthcare can achieve good clinical and economic results. Most pressure ulcers can be prevented and together we make it possible.   


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