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Clinical studies & MDR

Key Aspects of MDR and Patient Safety in the Procurement of Medical Devices

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Together with healthcare, Care of Sweden wants to create conditions for a sustainable development.


Care of Sweden has an ambitious vision; to eliminate pressure ulcers. In addition to human suffering, pressure ulcers also contribute to an increased workload for healthcare professionals. Therefore, more pressure ulcers need to be prevented in time.

For over twenty years, we have delivered safe and innovative solutions so that healthcare can achieve good clinical and economic results. Most pressure ulcers can be prevented and together we make it possible.

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A Global Commitment to Safer Healthcare


Every year, the 17th of September, the world comes together to observe International Patient Safety Day. This day is coordinated to raise awareness about patient safety

Key Aspects of MDR and Clinical studies


Since 2021, the European regulatory framework MDR (Medical Device Regulation) has been closely adhered to in the field of medical technology. MDR has the overarching goal of ensuring patient safety by

Swedish innovation prevents pressure ulcers in healthcare and at home


The incidence of pressure ulcers in the healthcare sector is one of the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare’s quality-of-care metrics. The prevention and treatment

 A Costly Challenge and Opportunity for Healthcare


Pressure ulcers, also known as pressure injuries, are a prevalent and distressing problem in healthcare systems worldwide. They can occur due to prolonged pressure on the skin,

Questions and Answers

What is the difference between a replacement mattress and a overlay mattress?

A replacement mattress can be placed directly on the bed base. An overlay mattress, for the safety of the care recipient, requires an underlying support surface with our recommendation of 6cm height.
Our support surfaces

How do I know which support surface to choose?

The choice of support surface should be based on a comprehensive and carefully conducted risk assessment that takes into account the patient’s individual needs and health condition.


We recommend conducting a mattress audit regularly from a health economic and hygienic perspective. More information on how to conduct a mattress audit can be found here:
Learn more about mattress auditing

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