Dynamic mattress system

CuroCell iA®

Dynamic air mattress system

Dynamic mattress system

CuroCell® IQ

Dynamic air mattress

CuroCell® A4

Dynamic air mattress

Optimal 5zon® BM

Preventative foam mattress overlay

Preventative mattress

Optimal 5zon®

Preventative foam mattress

Optimal 5zon® Plus

Preventative foam mattress with our patented DuoCore®

Constant low pressure mattress

CuroCell® S.A.M. PRO

Overlay mattress with Constant low pressure

Constant low pressure mattress

CuroCell® AREA Zone

Comfort of the foam with the pressure-relieving properties of the air

Optimal Mattress Cover

Preventative mattress

Optimal Cura

Preventative foam mattress

Preventative mattress

Optimal Care

Preventative foam mattress

CuroCell® IQ Cirrus

Dynamic mattress replacement system

Seat cushions

Curera® Consept EX Seat Cushion

Comfortable Seat Cushion

Curera® Consept Seat Cushion

Comfortable Seat Cushion

Seat cushions

Curera® Consil Seat Cushion

Pressure redistribution seat cushion

Optimal Hygiene Pillow

Seat cushions

Curera® Contur EX Seat Cushion

Comfortable seat cushion

Optimal Evacuation Sheet

Seat cushions

Curera® Contur Seat Cushion

Comfortable and popular seat cushion

Molly Heel Protection

Designed to relieve heels

Constant low pressure mattress

CuroCell® S.A.M. PRO CF16

Replacement mattress with Constant Low pressure

CuroCell S.A.C.

Air seat cushion for support & comfort

Curera® Triangle Pillow

Pillow for leg support

Curera® Torso Support Pillow

Pillow for torso support in sitting position

Curera® Support Wedge

For positioning & position changing

Curera® S-Pillow

Pillow for semi-prone position & 30° side lying position

Curera® Rectangular Pillow

Pillows to provide support in multiple positions

Curera® Positioning Roll

All-round pillow for relief & positioning

Curera® Neck Pillow

Pillow to stabilize and support the head

Curera® Multi Pillow

A versatile pillow for knee and heel support

Curera® Leg/Knee Seperator

Curera® Ear Pillow

For support and relief of sensitive ears

Curera® Back Pillow

Pillow with wing for lateral positioning/side support

Curera® Abduction Pillow

Pillow for leg abduction


Curera® Curved Pillow

Pillow for torso support in sitting and lying position