About us

Care Of Sweden

Care of Sweden is an innovative company in the medtech sector, devoted to the cause of eliminating pressure ulcers around
the world. Our product range covers mattresses, positioning pillows and seat cushions, used as an aid in the prevention as well as treatment
of pressure ulcers. Our head office, R&D and production are located in Tranemo, western Sweden, and our products are used in care facilities across Sweden as well as in many other parts of the world.

A world without pressure ulcers

Our promise is to give health care good conditions for individualized care and a good health economy. We call that promise Supporting life.

 We are convinced that the combination of knowledge, care, and happiness contributes to our vision; together with caregivers, eliminate pressure ulcers.


Our Vision

Our Surroundings

Global trends are shaping the future of the world, and these changes are having a profound impact on the healthcare system across the globe. From demographic shifts to a shortage of healthcare professionals, these factors are reshaping the landscape and presenting new challenges for us all.

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How we work

Sustainability for us is not just about pointing to individual efforts. Sustainability for us is work that goes on every day, in everything we do. Here we tell you more about how it is seen in our daily operations, how we develop our solutions, and our offer to you.

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Sustainability for us is not about individual efforts. Sustainability for us is work that goes on every day, in everything we do.

We look at our business from a holistic perspective, which also permeates our way of acting towards the market, in each individual, as well as in the marks we make on the environment.

Our sustainability work is based on our original promise - Supporting Life. Here you can read more about our ongoing work.

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