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Pulsating Mode™ – Key results from Clinical study

Key results and contribution to Healthcare challenges

Healthcare is facing complex challenges due to an aging population and reduced helathcare resources(1)(2),
demanding both efficiency and empathy. To provide the best possible care for patients at risk
of pressure ulcers/injuries, we must not only treat their medical conditions but also consider values that
affect well-being and quality of life, such as reduced pain and improved comfort. This is
where the Pulsating Mode™ comes into play as an innovative solution that addresses these
factors powerfully, as an aid to prevent and treat pressure ulcers/injuries.

Clinical proven effect at Ghent University

At Care of Sweden, we prioritize patient safety and clinical effectiveness in preventing pressure ulcers/injuries. The development of our Pulsating Mode™ underwent extensive clinical research in collaboration with Ghent University in Belgium. A multicenter study involving 40 high-risk care recipients demonstrated that the majority experienced reduced pain intensity or complete pain resolution while using our mattress system with Pulsating Mode™.

The conclusion was that the system was perceived as comfortable and quiet. Further on, the study showed that the Pulsating Mode™ prevented new pressure ulcers/injuries, with almost all existing wounds healing(3). This research underscores our commitment to enhancing the quality of life for fragile, immobile care recipients.


“The comfort while using the system with
the Pulsating Mode™ was rated very good(3)”

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Healing after 30 Days

The study demonstrated efficiency in healing
of pressure ulcers/injuries after 30 Days(3).


Reduced feeling of pain

The majority of the individuals reported that they
experienced reduction in pain intensity or
complete pain resolution(3).


More time for patient-centered care

The system required no supplementary
time and effort from the caregivers(3).


Contribution to better sleep

The control unit had low noise production and
was considered “quiet” by the participants(3).

Healing of pressure ulcers/injuries in less than 30 Days

While prioritizing preventative care is crucial, the Pulsating Mode™ has also demonstrated efficacy in the actual treatment of pressure ulcers/injuries. Healing was followed up daily, and after 30 Days, all but one category III pressure ulcer/injury had improved or healed completely(3).

This can be compared to the fact that the expected healing time for a category III pressure ulcer/injury is 127 days, and a category IV pressure ulcer/injury has an expected healing time of 155 days(4).

The time for pressure ulcer/injury treatment can have a significant impact on health economics. Treating a pressure ulcer/injury is estimated to cost up to 8,763 SEK per day(7). Treating a pressure ulcer for 30 days, compared to 127 days, would therefore result in a cost difference of up to 850,011 SEK according to this example.

The cost of pressure ulcer/injury care decreases significantly when these wounds can heal within a shorter timeframe. Additionally, the time healthcare professionals need to dedicate to each patient decreases, freeing up resources that can be used more efficiently within the Healthcare system(7).

Patient in hospital bed

Hospital care

Reduced feeling of pain

To provide the best possible care for individuals at risk of pressure ulcers/injuries, we must not only treat their medical conditions but also consider values that affect well-being and quality of life, such as reduced pain and improved comfort.

Care recipients who are at high risk of pressure ulcers/injuries, are often fragile and typically unable to change their position in bed. They are often in the latter or terminal phase of life, where the primary focus is on improving their quality of life, including avoiding pain and ensuring a good night’s sleep.

The study on the Pulsating Mode™ reported, from caregivers and family members, that residents complained less about pain and appeared less agitated. The reports of less pain were corroborated by the residents who reported pain reduction while lying on the mattress(3).


“The study reveals that the majority of
individuals reported reduced pain(3)

More time for patient-centered care

Streamlining healthcare personnel resources is crucial for improving healthcare and prioritizing patient safety. One significant outcome of this approach is increased efficiency and quality in healthcare while simultaneously enhancing working conditions for healthcare professionals.

Our goal is for healthcare professionals to focus on patient care and Clinical decisions, instead of managing technical settings, with the aim to enhance patient safety.


“The system required no
supplementary time and effort
from the caregivers(3)

The study showed that systems with the Pulsating Mode™ requires no supplementary time and effort from the caregivers, as the inner air cell pressure was automatically adjusted to the resident’s weight, length and movements.

By incorporating AI-driven systems, technology not only becomes powerful but also easy to use. This is what we were aiming for when utilizing AI in our mattresses in conjunction with the Pulsating Mode™. One significant advantage is that it require less time and effort from caregivers due to its ability to adjust settings.

Pressure ulcer mattress

Elderly man smiling

Contribution to better sleep and recovery

Sleep and a calm environment are key components for recovery and well-being, and it is during sleep that the cells in the body are built up(5)(6).

The study reported that the control unit utilizing the Pulsating Mode™ almost did not produce any noise, and thus was considered “quiet” by the participants. This, in turn, may have contributed to better sleep reported by the residents.

When patients can sleep undisturbed, the need for frequent nighttime visits decreases. By providing patients with a more peaceful sleep environment, healthcare personnel can allocate their resources to other tasks and medical care.

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