Our value chain

A circular value chain

The circular value chain visualizes how we work with sustainability through our whole organization, and it starts with our vision. 

For us sustainability means to be aware of the effect our daily work has on our nature and environment, but also the effect our organization has on our local community, employees, suppliers, and customers. 

Our vision 

Care of Sweden has a strong and clear vision – together with caregivers eliminate pressure ulcers. This has been Care of Sweden’s goal since the company was founded in 1999. A goal that has resulted in developing solutions for the health care to enable good care. Good care means an improved quality of life for the person affected, and a positive effect on the health economy.

We are aware that pressure ulcers have been a problem for a long period of time, and that it has contributed to high costs for both the society and for individuals. Above all, pressure ulcers are a problem that leads to great suffering for every individual person who is affected.

Eliminating pressure ulcers is of course a great challenge, and maybe a goal that is not 100 % reachable. But by identifying people who are at risk of developing pressure ulcers and working with preventive measures, the number of pressure ulcers can be decreased.

About us

Research and development 

Knowledge has been the foundation in the development and success of the organization since Care of Sweden was founded. Over the years, we have received knowledge and insights from health- and medical care around the world. Our collected knowledge can be found throughout the whole organization, and it is seen as our greatest asset.

To be able to meet the future needs of medical technology aids, we invest in research and development to create and develop the solutions of the future.

Our work with research and development is built on investments in our own and external research projects to promote new knowledge. Every year we invest in different research and development projects. That can include everything from shorter projects in product- and process development, to larger and more extensive clinical research projects.

Care of Sweden product development

CuroCell IQ control unit

Suppliers & transports 

The most important thing for us is that our customers and consumers feel safe. This implies that we know which suppliers we work with and how the deliveries are made. Our ambition is to cooperate with suppliers that advocate sustainable and responsible working conditions. We want to make sure that our products are produced and delivered in favor of both the people and the environment.

Core business 

We perceive our organization from a holistic perspective where we not only produce and deliver a product but also deliver a solution to a social problem. Our core business is based on producing med-tech solutions, where we develop, produce, market, and distribute our products and services. Our products are found in the segment for medical technology products that are used as an aid to prevent and treat pressure ulcers. Our product range consist of mattresses, seat cushions, and positioning pillows.


We are aware of the negative consequences that the transportation of our products has on the environment. We are also aware of the negative consequences that can arise when our products and solutions are not delivered on time. Therefore, we work constantly with developing our ways of transportation and to ensure safe deliveries.

Mattress reconditioning

Global sustainability goal 12


We actively work with extending the life span of our products. This mindset is already present at the developing phase of our products and when forming our services. With regular service and reconditioning it is possible to elongate the life span of our products by making sure that the products can be reused instead of recycled.

During spring 2021, we have also established our after-market offer as a part of our customer offer. This means that an established department will actively work with developing and maintaining our services with the purpose of elongating the life of the product.

Recycling and reuse

Recycling and reuse are the natural effects of the choices that we make when developing our products and services. We are determined to work for increased recycling and reuse, which will lead to reduced waste disposal.

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