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Welcome to Care of Sweden

Welcome to Care of Sweden, where we strive to be more than just a company. We are a community of dedicated employees who share a common purpose: to eliminate pressure ulcers/injuries together with the healthcare sector. With us, every individual is an important part of our success, and it is our strong values that drive us forward.

Being part of Care of Sweden means that you are not just an employee, but a part of a culture-driven organization where our vision is guided by a strong purpose. We believe in building trust by adhering to our values and vision. It is the commitment and sharing of our values that create a strong sense of belonging among our employees, partners, and customers.

We welcome you to explore more about our ideas and values, and how they shape our business. Together, we strive to make a real difference and shape a sustainable future in healthcare. Welcome to become a part of our team where new perspectives and a desire to make a difference are crucial for our collective success.

The cornerstones of our work culture




We are all competent and dedicated individuals with high ambitions for our work. Equally important is that we are individuals who feel better and perform better when we prioritize happiness. We love having fun together, during special occasions as well as on ordinary days. When we share joy, both in big and small ways, we create a positive culture that influences all our relationships – both internally and externally.


With the knowledge we collectively possess, we can reduce suffering and improve quality of life. We are very proud of this. We highly value knowledge and place great importance on continuously developing in all our various roles. Our operations and innovations are based on knowledge and science, which we share with each other, our customers, and our users.




Care is a word and a concept that permeates our company at all levels. We care deeply about each other as well as our customers and users – for us, it is a natural way to embody our brand and an honest attitude towards what we do.

Our approach to sustainability

For us, sustainability is more than reducing our environmental impact; it also involves creating a responsible work environment where we are aware of how our actions affect people, society, and the environment.

By prioritizing sustainable methods and practices, we strive to make a positive impact on both our employees and society at large. By using resources responsibly and aiming for improvements, we can contribute to meeting healthcare needs for both current and future generations in a sustainable manner. We are committed to being part of the positive change in healthcare by driving innovations that enhance patient care while minimizing impact on society as much as possible.

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This ambition requires new perspectives and a determination to make a difference. Here, you can read further to learn about the ideas and values that drive us in our sustainability efforts.

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Thoughts from Care of Sweden’s founder

“I am proud to say that we dedicate our days to contributing to reducing unnecessary suffering in the world. To undertake such a significant commitment, it’s important to prioritize having fun together as well.”

Magnus Högberg, founder and owner of Care of Sweden