Curera® Consept Seat Cushion

Comfortable Seat Cushion

Curera® Consept is a comfortable pressure  redistribution seat cushion, constructed from an  anatomically moulded polyurethane foam base with a  memory foam insert on the upper side. Equipped with lateral supports, leg divider and material that mimic the shape of the pelvic, it offers stable seating for those  who require extra support.

The anatomical and adapted design redistributes the  pressure towards the underside of the thighs, provides a good seating position and relief for the sitting bones and coccyx, as well as a reduced risk of shearing  forces. Recesses for lumbar supports and a rounded  rear edge also give it a good fit in a wheelchair.  Consept provides a good level of sitting comfort and is suitable for people sitting for longer or shorter periods. Curera® Consept may be used for wheelchairs with rigid seat base or adjustable seat base.

Consept has a waterproof surface that does not allow liquid to penetrate, and it is easy to clean. The cushion comes with a durable cover in grey high-friction polyester plush. All Curera® seat cushions and covers are free of brominated flame retardants and latex.



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Our seat cushions are designed with comfort in mind. The anatomically molded design provides support with the aim of achieving an ergonomic sitting position.

  1. Seat well
  2. Lateral support (side support)
  3. Recess for legs
  4. Recess for coccyx
  5. Leg divider

Technical specification


Polyurethane foam, memory foam, vulcanised rubber
CE marking
ISO-code 18 10 06 – Pressure redistribution
Technical life time
2 years


Height: 5 cm
See product sheet for size guide.

Available covers

Standard Cover
Flexible and elastic material on the top side that
prevents the user sliding with an anti-slip underside.

Hygienic Cover
A liquid proof and vapour permeable cover that is
elastic and flexible with an anti-slip underside.

Onyx Cover
Material made of 4-way stretch on the top side and an
anti-slip underside. Comes wih handles on the underside. Available with a mesh layer for a better microclimate and a generally higher comfort.

Onyx Cover+
Flexible, elastic and removable cover made in 4-way stretch on the top and anti-slip on the lower part which counteracts forward sliding. Intermediate layer of mesh which contributes to a good microclimate and comfort. Handle on the underside.