Optimal Hygiene Pillow

Comfortable & durable pillows

We offer a wide range of accessories, including pillows and pillow covers that are designed to meet healthcare needs and are also suitable for home environments.

Optimal Hygiene Pillow is a pillow that consists of ball fibers that can easily be fluffed up to maintain the original shape of the pillow.

Optimal Sens is an anatomical sleeping pillow. It is made of visco elastic foam foam that conforms to the contours of the neck and head, providing good support and relief to the neck and head.



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Covers for good comfort and hygiene

Covers for comfort and hygiene Optimal Hygiene Pillows comes with a liquidproof hygiene cover for easy cleaning.

The liquidproof hygiene cover is manufactured in a four-way stretch(1)(2) fabric to reduce the risk of shear forces, and is vapour-permeable(3) to lower the risk of skin maceration. The hygiene cover also features a liquidproof zipper.

Technical specification


Optimal Hygiene Pillow & Pillow Case

Optimal Sens & Pillow Case
Visco elastic foam, 50 kg/m³

Pillow Case


Optimal Hygiene Pillow & Pillow Case
35×45 cm
50×60 cm
50×70 cm

Optimal Sens & Pillow Case
30×48 cm

Optimal Pillow Case cover
35×45 cm
50×60 cm
50×70 cm

Cleaning instructions

Cleaning Optimal Hygiene Pillow
Machine wash at max 60 °C

Cleaning Optimal Sens
Spot cleaning with mild detergent and water.

Cleaning Optimal Pillow case
Wipe clean with detergent and/or disinfectant. Machine wash max. 95°C


Registered and marked in accordance with MDR (EU) 2017/745



(1) CDC (2003), Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in Health-Care facilities, updated 2019.
(2) SS 876 00 20:2017, Healthcare textiles – Mattresses – Specifications and requirements.
(3) SS-EN ISO 15496:2004, DIN 53122-1.