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Our range spans a variety of mattresses, positioning pillows and cushions that can be used as an aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. You can see which pressure ulcer products are suitable to use with each category. If you need help choosing a product, our Customer Service is always happy to oblige. Or you can refer to our Action Plan for Pressure Ulcers which you can find a little further down this page. 

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We know that everyone working with our products needs easy access to information on installation and use. As such, we've gathered an FAQ, instruction manuals and more in one place. You'll also find information on our Customer Service page. 

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Most pressure ulcers can be prevented by early identification of people at risk and the implemantation of selective medical and nursing measures.

We've transformed our experience and our knowledge into tools for healthcare professionals. Here you can download our Action Plan for Pressure Ulcers, created by our experts to help you to identify, prevent and treat wounds correctly.