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Equal Pay: A Fundamental Imperative at Care of Sweden

2023-03-29 |

At Care of Sweden, we conduct an annual pay survey to identify, address, and prevent any unjustifiable pay disparities. By mapping our salaries,

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Equal pay – an important matter for Care of Sweden

2022-04-11 |

Care of Sweden is working actively for equal pay. This is in part to be an attractive employer, but also to ensure the company takes advantage of the skills of its employees.

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Care of Sweden starts a new business year!

2021-09-30 |

The whole organization gathered at Väveriet (the old weaving mill) in Uddebo to kick off the new business year with a flying start. The day started with a glance back at the past year's happenings,

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High marks for Care of Sweden following external audit

2020-05-15 |

Care of Sweden has had a follow-up external audit for ISO 1348 quality certification for two days. In view of the current situation, all meetings were held digitally, which has worked very well.

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Care of Sweden exercises for both health and environment

2019-09-16 |

As we now move towards darker times, it becomes more difficult to catch the daylight in the south part of Sweden where we are located. Catching some daylight in the middle of the day,

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We enjoyed an energizing Kick-off at Borås Kongress

2019-09-11 |

Last Friday, the Care of Sweden-gang gathered at Borås Kongress for an energizing kick-off; a day full och lectures and activities that helped form a common springboard to the future,

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