Article No.: 10-080205

Optimal Evacuation Sheet

For quick & simple evacuation

Optimal Evacuation Sheet makes it possible to quickly and simply move bedridden persons away from danger. It can also be used for evacuation in stairs.

It is placed under the existing mattress and is fastened to the mattress with elastic straps. It is easy to wrap the person up in the bed and is available in several sizes in order to fit most mattresses.

Optimal Evacuation Sheet is ergonomically designed and produced from very strong material that slides well on both wet and dry surfaces. It is X-ray transparent and equipped with handles for sideways movement. User instructions are included.

A simple and safe means for evacuation. Fulfils requirements of the SS 8760039 (Swedish Standard) for rescue sheets.

Specifications for Optimal Evacuation Sheet

Core Polyamide/polyester
Fire resistance approval EN 597-1, -2
Warranty 2 years

Documents and Manuals for Optimal Evacuation Sheet

Instruction manual