Stop Pressure Ulcer Day 2023
2024-01-11 Pressure Ulcer

Stop Pressure Ulcer Day 2023

November 16th marks this year’s Stop Pressure Ulcer Day. The day is dedicated to raising awareness and disseminating knowledge about the issue of pressure ulcers/injuries. It is the international organization EPUAP (European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel) that is the driving force behind this day, whose mission is to guide and support European countries in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers/injuries.

Global healthcare trends

Global trends are influencing the future of the world, and these transformations are significantly affecting the healthcare system worldwide. People who are 80 years or older is set to triple(1), concurrently with a shortage of healthcare professionals, estimated to 10 million health workers worldwide by 2030(2). In Sweden only, pressure ulcers/injuries as healthcare-associated injuries is estimated to cost 450 MSEK every year(3). These factors lead to a decrease in healthcare resources, hence the importance of a more effective preventing and treating care of pressure ulcers/injuries.

Our commitment

At Care of Sweden, our commitment extends beyond simply developing solutions for pressure ulcer prevention. We recognize the significance of knowledge and maintaining a close affiliation with the scientific community as integral components of our work. That’s why it’s natural for us to contribute to EPUAP through our sponsorship, enabling them to continue their valuable work. Our collaboration with EPUAP also provides us with the opportunity to stay relevant and accumulate knowledge in the field of pressure ulcer/injury development. 

In pursuit of our vision to eliminate pressure ulcers/injuries together with healthcare providers, we believe in sharing our knowledge. Our approach is centered on educating our clients and establishing great conditions for their success in the prevention of pressure ulcers/injuries. 

Learn more

On this occasion, we want to draw attention to pressure ulcers/injuries and emphasize the importance of knowledge. To effectively prevent and treat pressure ulcers/injuries, it’s crucial to comprehend their underlying causes. We recommend visiting EPUAP’s website and participating in their webinars such as “Webinar #3: Biomechanics and the Impact on Pressure Ulcer Development” featuring Amit Gefen. This webinar provides insights into the two primary factors contributing to pressure ulcer formation: ischemia and cell deformation.

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