Feel safe with the handling of your mattresses
2020-03-16 Pressure Ulcer

Information regarding the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Despite a serious situation with a rapidly spreading new Coronavirus covid-19, Care of Sweden is ready to fulfill the needs of the healthcare system with our products and services.

Right now, it is even more important than ever with medical devices which meet the hygienic standard, and we are here to support the healthcare system.

“We appreciate our customers’ continuous trust in us during this time. We want you, as a customer, to feel safe that all the handling and reconditioning of our rental mattress systems are done through ensured routines, to make sure the mattresses meet the hygienic standard. You can always turn to us for advice and support”, says Magnus Högberg, CEO at Care of Sweden.

We who work at Care of Sweden are well prepared and have updated routines in regards to the ongoing situation. We are well equipped for continuous work, which also includes all meetings, that for the time being, are conducted digitally.

Our production is unaffected and as of right now we do not foresee any risk of delivery issues. You can contact our Customer Care department during normal opening hours. If you have any thoughts or questions you are always welcome to contact us.


Removable mattress covers can be easily replaced

Care of Sweden’s mattress covers have a moisture barrier but are vapor permeable. The covers have a drip-proof shield to protect the zip and seams. By unzipping the zip and inspecting the cover so that no holes or tears exist and making sure the zip is intact, an inspection of the inside of the mattress cover and the surface of the mattress can be easily conducted. Visible contamination can be detected and the cover can be replaced, without having to discard the whole mattress.

The covers are cleaned through mechanical cleaning with a mild cleaning solution, or in a washer machine at 95⁰C and can be tumble dried. It can also be disinfected with a disinfectant.