Equal Pay: A Fundamental Imperative at Care of Sweden

Equal Pay: A Fundamental Imperative at Care of Sweden

At Care of Sweden, we conduct an annual pay survey to identifyaddress, and prevent any unjustifiable pay disparities. By mapping our salarieswe ensure that we meet legal requirementscomply with discrimination laws, and set salaries objectively and equally. 


Elaine West (Chief Human Resources Officer)

Positive result

Employers and trade unions work together to carry out salary mapping, and any disparities are addressed during the audit. The 2022 survey revealed that the median salary for women is 12% higher than that of men, because more women hold leadership positions. 

Based on the mapping and gender equality analysis, we made minor adjustments to attain the gender equality we aim for.
“We consider this a fantastic outcome and are proud to say that we have achieved fair and equal pay at Care of Sweden,” states Elaine West, Chief HR Officer at Care of Sweden.