Article No.: 14-001010

Curera® Rectangular Pillow

Pillows that provide support in all positions

If a person makes too few spontaneous movements, there is an increased risk of pressure ulcers. Regular changes of position reduce the risk of pressure ulcers. Position as required in both reclining and seated positions.

Curera® Positioning is a range of stable pillows, rolls, and wedges that meet most needs for support and relief. They are also a great help when changing dressings and for patient care. Our soft hygiene covers and cotton covers are also available as accessories to the pillows and rolls.

The hygiene cover does not allow liquid or air to penetrate, but is vapour permeable (vapour is wicked away). Make sure that the patient is positioned correctly so that airways are unobstructed.

Curera® Rectangular Pillow is an all-round pillow for positioning.

Working with Curera® Positioning is simple, and the benefits are many. Contact Care of Sweden for training and further information.

Specifications for Curera® Rectangular Pillow

Core 50 % HR-foam/50 % polyester fibres
Warranty 1 year

Documents and Manuals for Curera® Rectangular Pillow

Instruction manual