Introducing our most recent research and innovations in Leeds, UK
2023-08-17 Fair

Meet us at EPUAP Annual meeting in Leeds 

Join us in the vibrant city of Leeds, United Kingdom, as we prepare to take part in the annual EPUAP conference from September 13th to 15th. This event serves as a center for esteemed researchers, dedicated clinical practitioners, and industry professionals arising from every corner of the globe.  

At the EPUAP conference, all attendees come together to explore a treasure of information, share the latest research discoveries, and encourage the sharing of important experiences focused on the significant domain of pressure ulcers and how to prevent them.  


Marking a truly inspiring theme, this year’s EPUAP conference revolves around the concept of “Innovations in Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Treatment.” 

Introducing our most recent research and innovations 

With great pride as an EPUAP partner, we extend an invitation for you to visit our booth. This provides an opportunity for meaningful conversations, during which we will not only delve into our current research efforts but also present the significance of our findings in pushing forward innovative medical equipment in the field of pressure ulcer prevention.  

We are excited to showcase our latest innovations with the central theme in our booth being:  

Populations are aging, driving increased demand for home and hospital care. In the realm of healthcare, medical innovations are essential, enabling healthcare professionals to uphold their dedication to delivering good care.  

Care of Sweden’s proprietary system, an aid to prevent pressure ulcers, with a pulsating mode, has shown good results in both effect and comfort in a number of studies. The system is an AI-based platform and can be used as an aid to prevent and treat pressure ulcers, which can have an important impact on the quality of care and health economics.   

You can read more about the conference as well as access the seminar schedule on the EPUAP official website.

Hope to see you in Leeds!