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An aging population and an increased need for care means that we constantly need to work to develop our solutions to be ready to meet the needs of tomorrow.
With a focus on innovation, we work every day to develop the solutions of tomorrow.

Innovation from Sweden 

Sweden and the rest of the world face great challenges with an aging population and an increased need for care. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to take advantage of the possibilities that medical technology can offer in the form of effective care processes and treatment methods or developed diagnostics and prevention.⁽¹⁾

Here are some examples of the research- and development projects that we have initiated and performed during the last years.

⁽¹⁾Swedish Medtech

Care of Sweden product development

Air Flow Control

Air Flow Controlᵀᴹ is a technology that provides a constant temperature and increased user comfortThe air in the cells is reused, which reduces electricity consumption and noise-levels. 

Pack & Go®

With the Pack&Go® function, a press of a button is all that’s needed to empty the mattress of air. Staff can easily pack the mattress away and avoid having to manually squeeze the air out of used and contaminated products. 

Launch of automatic air mattress systems 

Our own systems, such as CuroCell® A4 & CuroCell® IQ, are developed with innovative technology with the aim to make the systems easy and safe to work with. The control unit automatically adjusts the settings after the user’s weight, length and position, which means that no manual settings are required. The mattrasses in the CuroCell®-series are designed to contribute to the reduction of shear forces and provide a good microclimate, as well as contributing to a reduced workload for the caregiver. The automatic systems are designed to offer the user good comfort, while also saving time and resources in healthcare.

One control unit compatible with multiple mattrasses 
The A4/IQ/M4-series consists of five different mattrasses adapted to each specific care situation, where each mattress is compatible with the same control unit. This means that one control unit can be used for several different care needs.

CuroCell IQ control unit

Study of constant low pressure 

In this multi-centre study, the development of pressure ulcers was investigated while using the mattress system CuroCell S.A.M.® PRO in 12 Belgium nursing homes with a high-risk population.

During the study, the cumulative incidence of pressure ulcer categories 2-4 was observed for 30 days, with the help of a reactive air mattress, in nursing homes with residents at risk of developing pressure ulcers. The secondary purpose of the study included a valuation of the nurses, and the users experience and perception of the comfort of the mattress.

IWJ – Pressure ulcer Cat. II-IV incidence on the CuroCell S.A.M. PRO powered reactive air support surface in a high-risk population: A multicentre cohort study in 12 Belgian nursing homes

Study of the pulsating mode 

A clinical study was performed together with Ghent University that included 40 users with a high risk of developing pressure ulcers from 10 different nursing homes in Belgium. The study showed good clinical results of the pulsating mode. The participants were divided into two groups and the study evaluated comfort, prevention, and treatment effects. The follow-up period was 30 days.

Only one pressure ulcer was developed with the use of the pulsating mode, which is a relatively low cumulative pressure injury incidence. The users perceived the mattress as being both quiet and comfortable. Users with already existing pressure ulcers were included in the treatment group. The healing process was followed up daily, and after 30 days all pressure ulcers except for one had improved and four pressure ulcers had healed completely.

JWOCN – A Fully automated Pulsating Support System for Pressure Injury Prevention and Treatment in 10 Belgium Nursing Homes

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