Dynamic mattress system
Product launch: CuroCell iA®

Swedish MedTech brand, Care of Sweden, widens portfolio to extend pressure ulcer/injury care accessibility to a wider audience.

Tranemo, Sweden – Care of Sweden is proud to introduce the CuroCell iA®, an innovative development in healthcare technology designed to address one of the sector’s most pressing challenges: the global shortage of healthcare workers.1 By aiming to reduce the incidence of pressure ulcers/injuries, the CuroCell iA® system not only enhances patient care but also empowers healthcare professionals. It can be used an aid for giving them more time to focus on providing compassionate, personalized care, while also improving patient safety.


In the face of an aging population and dwindling healthcare workforce, the burden of preventable conditions like pressure ulcers can strain resources and reduce the quality of patient care.
“The CuroCell iA® system represents a pivotal shift towards addressing these challenges, offering a solution that aligns with our ambition to make pressure ulcer/injury care available to everyone at risk.” says Sara Widén, Product manager at Care of Sweden.

“The CuroCell iA® system represents a pivotal
shift towards addressing these challenges.”
– Sara Widén, Product manager.

Key features of the product

Advanced pressure relief and distribution:

  • Technology that provides gentle dynamic movements for pressure relief and distribution, reducing peak pressures and increasing contact area, aiming to
    enhance pressure ulcer/injury prevention and create a comfortable experience on the support surface.
  • A two-layered mattress construction allows air layers to shift relative to each other, reducing shear forces and the risk of pressure ulcers/injuries.

Dynamic mattress system

Enhanced patient safety with AI:

  • The AI-based control unit enhances patient safety by monitoring real-time adjustments,
    developed with the aim of ensuring consistent care regardless of patient movements.
  • Low noise and vibration levels, crucial for undisturbed sleep and recovery.

Efficient and resource-saving for healthcare professionals:

  • By incorperating AI and high-precision sensors, healthcare professionals no longer need
    advanced training to operate medical devices. This allows healthcare staff to focus on patient interaction and care without the burden of mastering another complex technical system.
  • The AI-based control unit operate autonomously, reducing the time and resources spent on manually operating devices. This enhances overall efficiency and reduces the strain of repetitive manual tasks.

Flexibility and low cost of ownership:

  • Modular design allows for the separate replacement of the control unit or support surface. This can increase flexibility in business by reducing patient moves, simplifying inventory, and lowering storage requirements.
  • Designed to be maintenance- and service-free for the first five years, resulting in a cost-effective solution for healthcare facilities, reducing the economic burden of pressure ulcer management.


The introduction of the CuroCell iA® aims to mark a transformative advancement in the accessibility and effectiveness of pressure ulcer/injury care. By integrating advanced AI technolgy, Care of Sweden is addressing the critical issues faced by the healthcare sector, including patient safety, resource efficiency, and economic sustainability.


CuroCell iA® will be available for healthcare facilities seeking to enhance patient care and promote inclusivity in their practice. For more information about CuroCell iA® please visit: https://www.careofsweden.com/produkter/curocell-ia/


Care of Sweden is a leader in pressure ulcer/injury innovation, dedicated to providing solutions that empower patients and improve outcomes with the help of healthcare systems worldwide. With a commitment to excellence and compassion, they strive to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities worldwide. The vision is to eliminate pressure ulcers together with healthcare by our promise “Supporting Life”.

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