CuroCell® S.A.M PRO

Welcome to our Q&A page for CuroCell® S.A.M PRO.

Here we answer your questions and provide more information about the benefits of the support surface for both caregivers and patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the system startup work, and when can the individual be placed on the mattress?

Before placing the patient on the support surface, it should be fully inflated, which takes different amounts of time depending on the mattress and size. If the patient is placed on the mattress before it is fully inflated, the cells in the mattress may be prevented from filling with air (due to excessive resistance), or it may take longer to fill the mattress.

CuroCell S.A.M. PRO – Start the system, the green light with a check symbol blinks during the inflation phase, which takes about 15 minutes for the mattress to fill with air. When the check symbol shows a steady green light, the system is ready to use. Select the appropriate pressure using the comfort dial and then place the patient on the mattress. For additional comfort, use the comfort dial while the patient is lying on the support surface.

If startup has occurred with the patient lying on the support surface, a restart is sufficient, i.e., restart the system without the patient lying on it.