Article No.: 20-080205

Optimal Mattress Cover

A durable mattress cover with a good fit & flexibility

For added comfort in every unique situation, we can offer a wide range of accessories. Our Optimal Mattress Cover is developed for the special needs in healthcare environments, but is also suitable in a home environment.

Optimal Mattress Cover is an easy, strong and functional hygiene cover with a good fit and flexibility.

Optimal Mattress Cover is detachable and has a very well documented hygienic standard⁽¹⁾. The soft and elastic material is vapour permeable⁽²⁾, which reduces the risk of skin maceration.

(1) ISO 16603 “resistance of penetration by blood and body fluids”, ISO 16604 “resistance of penetration by blood-borne pathogens”, EN 14126, SS 876 00 19 “Health care textiles – Bacteria penetration – Wet”.
(2) SS-EN ISO 15496:2004, DIN 53.122.

Specifications for Optimal Mattress Cover

Warranty 2 years

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