Article No.: 12-035045

Optimal Hygiene Pillow

For good comfort in every unique situation

We offer a wide range of accessories. Our Optimal Pillows are developed for the special needs in health care environments, but are also suitable in a home environment. The high comfort is achieved by using high quality fibres.

Cleaning the Optimal Hygiene Pillow is easy, it can be machine washed in 60 ºC.

Hygiene covers are also available for the pillows. The covers are durable, liquid resistant and vapour permeable⁽¹⁾ and prolong the life span of the pillows.

The cover is easily wiped off or machine washed and it reduces the need for washing the pillow itself.

(1) SS-EN ISO 15496:2004, DIN 53.122.

Specifications for Optimal Hygiene Pillow

Core Polyester/fibre

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