The New CuroCell® A4

Easier than ever to work with

The brand new pump optimizes the settings automatically according to the user lying on the mattress. No settings need to be made. One and the same pump is also suitable for all mattresses in the CuroCell® A4 series. It simply cannot go wrong.
• Fully automatic pump
• Pack & go® efficiently empties the air
• User-friendly interface
• Designed for high hygienic requirements


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Increased comfort for the user

The mattresses are designed to give the user very good comfort, minimize the impact of shear forces and provide a good microclimate. Air Flow Control ™ ensures, among other things, that the air in the cells is reused, which results in reduced power consumption, lower noise level and an even temperature for the user.

• Quiet and vibration-free
• Reduced shearing effect
• Excessive pulsating shifts


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Safe solution for everyone

The new CuroCell® A4 is safe. The pump is operated at low voltage (12 V)
and is thus completely harmless, even if the power cable should be clamped in the bed. With the CPR coupling, the mattress can immediately be emptied of air to quickly start CPR.

• Low voltage (12 v)
• Fault-proof CP-coupling
• The air is retained during power outages
• Automatic alarm at pressure drop

New clinical program: Pulsating mode

The new CuroCell® A4 has a new exclusive program mode, Pulsating Mode. The program is designed to create a more efficient treatment and a more comfortable load on the user. Research shows that pulsating mode is the optimal choice for an even blood supply in the user's tissues (1).

Reference Material
1) Dr Peter Worsley, Dr Luciana Bostan and Professor Dan Bader. Investigation of the biomechanical and physiological responses to prolonged lying postures during three mattress modes. Opublicerat manuskript. University of Southampton, 2018.

Learn all about new CuroCell® A4

Discover all the benefits of new CuroCell® A4! In our brochure we have gathered everything you need to know about our brand new air mattress system, complete with references to clinical tests as well as recommendations from users and staff.

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"The pump is so quiet that I was unsure if it was running!"

The pump feels advanced but is still very easy to work with. The display is easy to understand and handle. The pump is also so quiet that I was unsure if it was actually running!

Petra Mellberg, Nurse, Municipality of Helsingborg