Article No.: 14-001257

Curera® Ear Pillow

For support and relief of sensitive ears

A pillow designed to support and relieve sensitive ears, an area that is particularly prone to pressure ulcers when a user lies still in bed.

Curera® Ear Pillow supports the face and the oval-shaped hole completely relieves pressure of the ear.

The ear pillow comes with a cotton cover and a hygiene cover. Accordingly, it ought to be used as a product intended for a single user.

The hygiene cover does not allow liquid or air to penetrate, but is vapor permeable (vapour is wicked away). Make sure that the patient is positioned correclty so that airways are unobstructed.

Specifications for Curera® Ear Pillow

Core 50 % HR foam/50 % polyester fibre
Warranty 1 year

Documents and Manuals for Curera® Ear Pillow

Product sheet

Instruction manual