Article No.: P06-080200

Prima 6

A functional elevating pad

PRIMA 6 is an easy and functional basic mattress with good durability.

It is an elevating pad that is placed underneath a mattress overlay, for example CuroCell Nova (air mattress) or Optimal 5zon BM (preventative).

Care of Sweden’s mattresses are supplied with a four way stretch hygienic outer cover which conforms to relevant standards for hygiene⁽¹⁾, quality and safety. All covers are manufactured from modern, recyclable materials and are vapour permeable⁽²⁾, which reduce the risk of skin maceration.

(1) ISO 16603 “resistance of penetration by blood and body fluids”, ISO 16604 “resistance of penetration by blood-borne pathogens”, EN 14126, SS 876 00 19 “Health care textiles – Bacteria penetration – Wet”.
(2) SS-EN ISO 15496:2004, DIN 53.122.

Specifications for Prima 6

Core HR foam 35 kg/m3
Fire resistance approval EN 597-1, -2
Warranty 2 years

Documents and Manuals for Prima 6