Prima 12

Functional mattress replacement that offers good comfort & durability

PRIMA 12 has a profiled mattress core that provides user good comfort and pressure relief.

The mattress is delivered with a detachable cover Marin that has a zipper on one short side. As an option, you can choose the Marin/Evac cover which is detachable and has a drip shield zip and feature handles for evacuation.

PRIMA 12 is placed directly on the bed.

Care of Sweden’s mattresses are supplied with a four way stretch hygienic outer cover which conforms to relevant standards for hygiene, quality and safety⁽¹⁾⁽³⁾.

All covers are manufactured from modern, recyclable materials and are vapour permeable⁽²⁾, which reduce the risk of skin maceration.

⁽¹⁾ CDC (2003), Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in
Health-Care facilities, updated 2019
⁽²⁾ SS-EN ISO 15496:2004, DIN 53.122.
⁽³⁾ SS 876 00 20:2017, Healthcare textiles - Mattresses - Specifications
and requirements.

Documents and Manuals for Prima 12