Article No.: SS140-080200-EN0000

CuroCell SAM PRO CF16

Versatile & durable mattress replacement system with high level of comfort

The CuroCell S.A.M.® PRO CF16 mattress replacement system with an integrated foam core can be used as an effective aid in the prevention and in the treatment of pressure ulcers up to and including category 3⁽¹⁾. It can also be used as an aid for pain therapy.

This constant low pressure mattress offers an exceptionally high level of comfort as well as excellent pressure redistribution⁽²⁾. With the vastly improved higher maximum weight capacity of 250 kg, this overlay will meet the ever increasing challenges of heavier patients.

The CuroCell S.A.M.® PRO CF16 features a new cost effective pump that includes both CPR and Transport functions. The pump automatically determines when to change pressure in contrast to running constantly. This does not only make the pump virtually silent but it also makes it durable and long lasting. Thanks to the extra soft inner cover, the already low
pressure⁽³⁾ is further reduced.

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Specifications for CuroCell SAM PRO CF16

Core Static air mattress
Height 16 cm
Functionality Prevention & treatment up to and including category 3⁽¹⁾
Recommended User Weight 0-250 kg
Warranty 2 years

Documents and Manuals for CuroCell SAM PRO CF16

Instruction manual