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CuroCell IQ CX16

Intelligent simplicity

The CuroCell® IQ CX16 provides simplicity together with user comfort while effectively aiding in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers/pressure injuries up to and including category 4⁽¹⁾, and unclassified pressure ulcers. It is designed for simplicty and provides features for excellent user comfort, reduction of shear forces and improvement of the microclimate.

The CuroCell® IQ CX16 identifies the user and automatically adapts itself to the individual. The pump is preset to our newly developed Pulsating mode, which offers a high lever of comfort and effective pressure relief⁽⁶⁾⁽⁷⁾.

All mattresses are supplied with a four way stretch hygienic cover which meets standards for hygiene⁽³⁾, quality and safety. All covers are manufactured from modern, recycable materials and are vapour permeable⁽⁴⁾, which reduces the risk of skin maceration.


  • Durable bag
  • Sheet holder

80/85/90/100/105/120 x 200/210 x 16cm

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Specifications for CuroCell IQ CX16

Height 16 cm
Functionality Alternating pressure mattress replacement system
Recommended User Weight 0-200kg
Warranty 2 years

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