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CuroCell AUTO420

Self-adjusting mattress system with high usability

CuroCell® AUTO420 is used preventively and as an aid in the treatment of pressure ulcers up to category 4⁽¹⁾. It can be used in all types of medical environments and is a highlyfunctional
and cost-effective combi mattress that is placed directly on the bed base.

CuroCell® AUTO420 simplifies handling compared to traditional mattress systems. The pump's self-adjusting technology enables the system to adjust automatically to the user's weight, posture and position. The mattress can be used with alternating pressure or static low pressure.

It has replaceable cells that are fitted inside a separate inner cover, which makes the mattress easy to handle when cleaning, for example.

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Specifications for CuroCell AUTO420

Core Alternating pressure mattress
Height 20 cm
Functionality Prevention & treatment up to and including category 4⁽¹⁾
Recommended User Weight 0-250 kg
Warranty 2 years

Documents and Manuals for CuroCell AUTO420

Instruction manual