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Prevent pressure ulcers and save money

Pressure ulcers are not only a painful experience for the sufferer, they also redirect considerable healthcare resources in the shape of both working hours and direct costs. Nine out of ten pressure ulcers can be avoided with preventative measures targeting skincare, nutrition, position variation, training, and bedding. 

We can provide you with the necessary information to make decisions and with well-founded facts to help you to plan and make the right purchases. We've transformed our experience and knowledge into tools for healthcare planners. Our products and services provide you with a solid foundation to reduce suffering and gain a direct return on your investment.

We've produced a Health Economics Guide based on facts and actual health economics data from Sweden to give you a good grasp of pressure ulcer and mattress economy.

Calculations for your particular circumstances

Together with Nordic Health Economics, we've produced a report, "Pressure ulcers in Sweden - Research overview and calculation of inpatient care costs", that includes a model which breaks down the costs into specific care levels and specialist healthcare fields.

With the aid of this model, you can see how much healthcare can save by introducing mattresses that prevent pressure ulcers, at both national and clinic/ward levels. The model breaks down the cost of pressure ulcers into specific care levels and factors in the effect of preventive measures in the form of pressure-equalizing mattresses. This gives you the opportunity to highlight the consequential costs and to see how a potential investment in our mattresses could save you resources in both the long and the short term.

So there are in fact financial incentives for fully utilizing preventive mattresses. This in parallel, of course, to the obvious benefits of sparing patients great suffering. 

Please feel free to contact us to find out more about the model and for a unique calculation for your ward. 

Audit your mattresses

Regular mattress auditing is an effective way to be prepared to prevent pressure ulcers. By conducting an audit, you can immediately see whether mattresses need to be replaced due to poor hygiene or inferior function.


Audit your mattresses