24 September 2019

EPUAP 2019 shows the importance of continued research

Pressure ulcer prevention without frontiers

With over 600 participants, the EPUAP Pressure ulcer congress continues to be the largest gathering place for researchers, clinical care practitioners and industry people who work with preventing pressure ulcers on a daily basis. In the role of the new president, we see Dimitri Beeckman taking over the post from Jane Nixon. 

As a proud partner of EPUAP, Care of Sweden was on-site in Lyon to talk about our own research and how we use the results in the development of our medical equipment. 

– Above all, EPUAP is an important meeting place where professionals can gather new knowledge and share the latest research findings. If we could figure out how we could make this knowledge more easily accessible to the hundreds of thousands of healthcare practitioners worldwide, we would have been able to reach incredible results, says Anne Lindeborg, education, and clinical manager at Care of Sweden.

This year's edition of EPUAP was themed "Pressure ulcer prevention without frontiers" and it speaks to the power of international cooperation that became inextricably linked during the three days of the congress. The importance of continued efforts at international as well as local levels is made clearer. 

– Despite all the research and progress we have had, we have not yet found the real underlying cause as to why pressure ulcers develop the way they do. Therefore, further studies are very important, says Anne.