13 November 2022

Care of Sweden honor International Stop Pressure Ulcer Day 2022

On 17th of November, we honor International Stop Pressure Ulcer Day – a day dedicated to raise awareness and spread knowledge about the many issues and challenges that surround pressure ulcers/pressure injuries. The day was instituted by EPUAP (European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel) who is an international organization that lead and support all European countries in the efforts to prevent and treat pressure ulcers/pressure injuries.

At Care of Sweden, we don’t only work with creating solutions for pressure ulcer/pressure injury prevention. To spread knowledge and maintain a close relationship with the scientific field is also an important part of our work. Therefore, we choose to contribute to EPUAP through our sponsorship so that their work can continue to progress. Collaborating with EPUAP also give us the opportunity to stay relevant and gather knowledge and insights in the area of pressure ulcer/pressure injury development.

To reach our vision, that together with caregivers eliminate pressure ulcers, we believe we need to share our knowledge. Therefore, we offer our customers relevant training to create good conditions for them to succeed with their preventative work.

In connection to this day, we want to talk about the importance of knowledge and raise even more awareness about pressure ulcers/pressure injurieseven though this is something we work with every day. To be able to prevent and treat pressure ulcers/pressure injuries, we first need to understand how they occur. We strongly recommend you to go to EPUAP’s website and participate in "Webinar #3: Biomechanics and the impact on PU development" with Amit Gefen. There you will learn about the two primary causes of pressure ulcer/pressure injury development – ischemia and cell deformation.

Watch EPUAPs webinar

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