Equal Pay: A Fundamental Imperative at Care of Sweden

At Care of Sweden, we conduct an annual pay survey to identify, address, and prevent any unjustifiable pay disparities. By mapping our salaries, we ensure that we meet legal requirements, comply with discrimination laws, and set salaries objectively and equally.

Swedish innovation prevents pressure ulcers in healthcare and at home

The incidence of pressure ulcers in the healthcare sector is one of the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare’s quality-of-care metrics. The prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers is about reducing suffering for patients and reducing the cost of preventable healthcare complications. Care of Sweden is a company with a vision to eliminate pressure ulcers in close collaboration with healthcare.

Care of Sweden honor International Stop Pressure Ulcer Day 2022

Care of Sweden honor International Stop Pressure Ulcer Day – a day dedicated to raise awareness and spread knowledge about the many issues and challenges that surround pressure ulcers/pressure injuries.

Innovative technology in pressure ulcer/pressure injury care shows good effect and comfort in clinical study

Pressure relieving mattresses with a pulsating function is a Swedish innovation by the MedTech company Care of Sweden. The intention was to develop a comfortable and stable mattress with low noise levels that could be used as an aid to prevent and treat pressure ulcers/pressure injuries. The pulsating mode has been evaluated in a clinical study and showed good results in both clinical effect and comfort.

Equal pay – an important matter for Care of Sweden

“Following completion of the pay survey, we are proud to announce that we have achieved equal pay at Care of Sweden. There are no unjustified pay gaps that are directly or indirectly related to gender,” says Elaine West, Chief HR Officer at Care of Sweden.

AI solution developed in Sweden prevents pressure ulcers

As the number of old people increases, the need for care at home and in hospitals is increasing worldwide. The AI solution from Care of Sweden, which is used as an aid to prevent and treat pressure ulcers, can have an important impact on the quality of care and health economics.

Press Release: Care of Sweden announces change of CEO

After 23 eventful years, it is time for Care of Sweden's founder Magnus Högberg to hand over the position of CEO.

The proportion of pressure ulcers in Sweden has increased during 2021

The result from the 2021 point prevalence measurement shows an increase in the proportion of pressure ulcers compared to the year before.

Care of Sweden honors Stop Pressure Ulcer Day 2021

Stop Pressure Ulcer Day is held on the 18th of November this year. As a proud sponsor to EPUAP we honor the day with a videoseries in three parts.

Care of Sweden starts a new business year!

The new business year started with a successful kick-off in Uddebo.

Higher demands on companies in the medtech sector – we are ready!

The new regulations for medical technology devices (MDR) will be applied on May 26th. The law sets a higher demand for transparency and clinical evidence, meaning that earlier directives are now European law.

Press Release: New innovative technology in pressure wound care

Pressure-relieving mattresses with a pulsating function is a Swedish innovation by the MedTech company Care of Sweden. A recent study now shows that the use of the mattress has given good results in the work of preventing and treating pressure ulcers.

Care of Sweden honors the Stop Pressure Ulcers Day 2020

Today is Stop Pressure Ulcers Day and we at Care of Sweden want to start a dialogue with you about pressure ulcers.

High marks for Care of Sweden following external audit

Approved external audit for the ISO 13485 quality management system.

Recent report shows that pressure ulcer occurrence varies greatly between regions in Sweden

The number of hospital-aquired pressure ulcers is decreasing in Sweden.

Feel safe with the handling of your mattresses

Despite a serious situation with a rapidly spreading new Coronavirus covid-19, Care of Sweden is ready to fulfill the needs of the healthcare system with our products and services.

Stop Pressure Ulcers Day 2019

Today is Stop Pressure Ulcers day! To eliminate pressure ulcers has been our goal since our start, and we hope that you will join us on this journey. Spread awareness and be a part of this important day!

An afternoon full of activity, adrenaline and joy

A crispy autumn evening we gathered at Isaberg Mountain Resort where some hours of elevated heights, good laughs and speedy rides awaited.

EPUAP 2019 shows the importance of continued research

Care of Sweden was on site in Lyon, France to participate as an exhibitor during the largest pressure ulcer congress in the world.