Individualised care with CuroCell® IQ

A world without pressure ulcers

As our next step towards eliminating pressure ulcers, we introduce an automatic air mattress system with usability in focus. Our award-winning system makes it possible for us to team up with caregivers around the globe, to individualise care and improve health economy.

With CuroCell® IQ, we introduce a user-friendly system that automatically adjusts to each individual user.

With automation and usability in focus

CuroCell® IQ is developed with usability in focus. The system identifies and automatically adjusts itself to the user, thereby allowing better care for the user as well as an easier workload for the caregivers.

CuroCell® IQ has an automatic control unit with a user-friendly interface aimed to make it easy to manage the system.

Good comfort

The CuroCell® IQ control unit is pre-set to the pulsating mode, which offers good comfort and effective pressure relief⁽¹⁾⁽²⁾. Sleep, in combination with a calm and quiet environment, are key factors in recovery and increased well-being⁽³⁾⁽⁴⁾⁽⁵⁾. CuroCell® IQ offers low noise- and vibration levels with the aim to achieve a good night's sleep and recovery.

The function Air Flow Controlᵀᴹ allows the mattress to reuse the air inside it. The feature provides a constant temperature in the mattress as well as quiet, calm, and stable airflows.

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Reliable solution

CuroCell® IQ offer an automatic system, designed for safety and efficiency. The control unit is equipped with active sensors, prepared to continuously react to body position changes without the need of any manual settings or adjustments.

By offering an automatic solution, the CuroCell® IQ means less handling for staff and good comfort and safety for the user.

Introducing CuroCell® CX15
Introducing CuroCell® CX15

A lower bed height with CX15

CuroCell® CX15 is a complete replacement mattress with a lower bed height that can accommodate most hospital beds.

The mattress is fully compatible with several of our control units. If you're already using either the CuroCell® IQ, A4, or M4 systems, all you have to do is plug it into the mattress to start using it.

CuroCell® IQ is developed with the pulsating mode

Based on good clinical results and a documented good comfort, CuroCell® IQ is supplied with the pulsating mode. The control unit has the pulsating mode as a default setting, which creates good conditions for individualized care.

Having the pulsating mode as a default setting that automatically adjusts to each individual user makes CuroCell® IQ our most user-friendly control unit.

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The clinical effect of the pulsating mode has been investigated in scientific studies where both tissue perfusion, as well as prevention and therapeutic effect is measured. ⁽¹⁾⁽²⁾

An innovative and flexible solution

A complete solution for individualized care

CuroCell® IQ offers a solution for users, caregivers, and care units, including values beyond product features. Qualitative medical devices will be needed to eliminate pressure ulcers, along with specialised services. CuroCell® IQ is designed with the purpose of contributing to a simple and effective handling to be able to offer an individualised care.

No two users are alike, and their different needs have affected the development of our pressure-relieving mattresses. To support different needs, we have developed CuroCell® IQ to be compatible with five different mattresses. This makes it possible for care units to invest in a range of mattresses, all compatible with the same control unit.

Award-winning design

Care of Sweden’s automatic products in the CuroCell® range have been internationally recognized for its design.

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