CuroCell iA®


Together with caregivers,
eliminate pressure ulcers/injuries.

How can we give our caregivers
more time to care?

According to Hippocrates’ precept, care is a matter of time and opportunity.

A patient who develops a pressure ulcer needs on average 15.5 days of additional care⁽¹⁾ and pressure ulcers/injuries can take five months or more to heal⁽²⁾. So, the fact that a large proportion of these injuries are avoidable is an important opportunity.

We want to give our caregivers more time for caring. We want to shorten, or prevent altogether, the time a patient must spend in pain and discomfort due to pressure ulcers/injuries. We want to use vital resources more effectively so that offering a good standard of care is economically sustainable.

If we put it all together, we can see a way to better meet the growing challenge of an ageing population.

Our vision is of a world without pressure ulcers/injuries. It turns out to be a World with a little more time to care.

A holistic approach to
pressure ulcers/injuries that
came from daring to adress
the whole problem

Our understanding of pressure ulcers/injuries has deepened with time. Whereas ischemia was seen as the sole cause initially, with time research showed that there is a second important cause. If we relieve a risk zone by increasing the load on neighboring skin and tissue, we risk a rapid development of pressure ulcers/injuries due to cell deformation.

Even as technological solutions were introduced, caregivers faced a dilemma. Alternating mattresses, developed to combat ischemia, could quickly lead to new pressure ulcers/injuries. Support surface that used Constant Low Pressure to instead envelop the user, did not remove the long, slow pressure build-up that causes ischemia in the first place. It seemed to be a problem that defied each human and technological intervention.

If only there was a way to combine the benefits of alternating pressure with those of Constant Low Pressure. If only the support surface itself could somehow sense when the pressure on an area of tissue was becoming dangerously high and calculate how to adjust the support provided by each cell.

Individualized Advance

CuroCell iA®

By embracing the real
problem, a real solution

Gentle Alternating Low Pressure, or GALP, is a Care of Sweden innovation. It has been developed to enable a system to sense, learn and take action whenever the high pressure that can cause ulcers/injuries arises. It takes learnings from years of research and development and applies them to a support surface for widespread use in a range of care settings, such as home care. By accepting that the problem is complex, our R&D team could also let go of the solution having to be simply one thing or the other. It would have to be autonomus. It would have to be ready to adjust itself to the patient's need of pressure relief, second by second. With Gentle Alternating Low Pressure, the CuroCell iA® system makes the step from mechanical to digital, from manual to autonomus, and from on-off comfort valves to a fine tuning of total support that we've never been able to deliver before in this segment.


Like an extra pair of eyes

CuroCell iA® uses artificial intelligence to onstantly monitor pressure across the patient’s contact area and calculates its response. The system identifies the patient’s weight and height and can detect changes, such as when the patient adopts a new position.

Like an extra pair of hands

The AI-based, CuroCell iA® control unit was developed with the aim to improve patient safety and allow professionals to provide a new level of person-centered care. Should a patient’s new posture result in excessive pressure, CuroCell iA® will take action, managing individual cells to adjust the contact between the patient and the mattress. This can reduce the amount of manual handling or heavy lifting the
care team must undertake.


Quietly and comfortably

Because the air inside the support surface is re-used, there is no need for the control unit to run continuously. The silent running of the control unit enable conditions for undisturbed sleep and recuperation. Our Air Flow Control™
system has been developed with the aim of saving energy and creating a more even
temperature in the support surface itself.

Service- and maintenance-free
for the first five years

CuroCell iA® is not only developed for patients to be able to sleep better. The control units are quieter thanks to their use of magnetic valves. Because air in the support surface is recirculated with the aim to achieve patient comfort, the system doesn’t need to be in constant operation. This reduces wear and tear of the system. With CuroCell iA, we can offer offer a system which is maintenance- and service-free
for the first five years.

CuroCell iA® Automatic

Features of the Control unit

Soft friction hangers with soft tips

Each small detail of manufacture is considered
and that includes the use of softened
hangers with tips designed to avoid
the risk of patient injury or discomfort.

Low noise-and vibration levels(3)(4)

The system operates when needed and is
designed to create no unneccessary noise.

CPR connection

By disconnecting the CPR connection
from the control unit, the mattress
quickly deflates. If CPR is needed, remove
the CPR connection from the control
unit and leave the lid open.

Air Flow Control™

Developed with the aim of providing good
user comfort, lower energy consumption
and longer service intervals.

Individualized Advance

CuroCell iA® Ci & CuroCell iA® Ci PRO

A modular system you can
mix and match

Our system is modular, providing you with mix-and-match flexibility and freedom. We’ve made sure that the CuroCell iA® Automatic and CuroCell iA® Manual control units are compatible
with several different support surfaces. The same control unit can adapt to several different care needs by being able to combine with multiple support surfaces. There are two control units and two qualities of support surface, each with a 10cm overlay
mattress and two replacement mattresses of 17cm and 20cm.



Enables a lower total cost of ownership

Our watchwords are durability and flexibility. The CuroCell iA®’s interchangeable parts are developed with the aim to make it easy to use and own.
Moving a patient in order to replace a complete mattress system is arduous for staff and inconvenient and sometimes painful for the patient. With CuroCell iA®, just the support surface or the control unit can be swapped out when needed. The result is fewer patient moves, less need to replace equipment sets, simpler inventory and
reduced storage requirements. Overall, this flexibility makes operation simpler and enables a lower total cost of ownership.

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