CuroCell® A4

With both the users and the
caregivers needs in focus

CuroCell® A4 is an automatic air mattress system that is designed to offer the user good comfort, while also saving time and resources in working to prevent pressure ulcers.

CuroCell® A4 is designed with innovative technology to make the system simple and safe to work with. The mattresses are designed to contribute to the reduction of shear forces and provide a good microclimate, as well as contributing to a reduced workload for the caregiver.

Simple and flexible to work with

The control unit automatically adjusts the settings after the user’s weight, length, and position, which means that no manual settings are required. The same control unit can be used with all the mattresses in the CuroCell® A4 range. The control unit is designed with a user-friendly interface aimed to make it easy to manage the system.

• Automatic control unit 
• Pack&Go® simplifies deflation
• User-friendly interface
• Equipped with the pulsating mode

Good user comfort

The mattresses in the CuroCell® A4 range are designed to allow the user good comfort, reduce the effect of shear forces and provide a good microclimate.

Air Flow Control™ is a technology that provides a constant temperature and increased user comfort. The air in the cells is reused, which reduces the electricity consumption and noise.

Award-winning design

Care of Sweden’s automatic products in the CuroCell® range have been internationally rewarded for its design.

A trustworthy solution

We want you to feel safe while using CuroCell® A4. The control unit runs on low voltage (12 V), which decreases the risk of an electrical shock if the power cord should be damaged in the bed. With the CPR connection, the mattress will immediately deflate so that CPR can begin.

• Low voltage (12 V)
• Inflation is maintained in a power failure
• The control unit gives off an automatic notification if pressure deflates

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CuroCell® A4 is developed
with the pulsating mode

Based on good clinical results and a documented good comfort, CuroCell® A4 is supplied with the pulsating mode set as default.

The CuroCell A4® can also be set with two other traditional clinical programmes; alternating mode or constant low pressure.

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2) Worsley P, Dr Bostan L., Bader D. Investigation of the biomechanical and physiological responses to prolonged lying postures during three mattress modes. Report from University of Southampton, 2018.
The clinical effect of the pulsating mode has been investigated in scientific studies where both tissue perfusion, as well as prevention and therapeutic effect is measured.⁽¹⁾⁽²⁾

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