27 February 2020

Open webinar – New research: Prevent and treat pressure ulcers with Pulsating mode

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Webinar – New Research: Prevent and treat pressure ulcers with the Pulsating mode


Our presenters: Prof. dr. Dimitri Beeckman and Product Manger Angelica Mänd

You are welcome to attend the Care of Sweden webinar that will introduce you to effective pressure relief using the newly developed Pulsating mode.

When the webinar has concluded you will have a greater understanding of the challenges that the healthcare sector is facing, and also what precautions developers of medical equipment must take in order for their products to live up to the requirements of the future. You will also be introduced to the results of two independent studies showing the effectiveness of the Pulsating mode.  

When and where?

February 27th, 10.00 A.M. (GMT+1)

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Here's what we'll cover in the webinar:

Challenges and possibilities in a digitalized healthcare
The healthcare sector is facing great challenges both related to staffing and economy. Meanwhile pressure ulcers remain the second most expensive form of care-related injury to treat, next to health care-associated infections in Sweden. To ensure a positive health economy, both knowledge and reliable medical equipment is required to enable great possibilities of preventing pressure ulcers before they occur.

Introducing Care of Sweden Technology
Product manager Angelica Mänd will introduce CoS Technology: an initiative that we deem necessary to ensure that the medical equipment of tomorrow will live up to the demands of efficiency, user friendliness, automation and reduced logistics. 

Clinical studies confirm the effectiveness of Pulsation
Prof. dr. Dimitri Beeckman will guide you through brand new research concerning the effectiveness of the Pulsating mode. Another study touches on Pulsation in direct relation to the comfort level experienced by the user.