CuroCell® IQ Cirrus

When there is no room for compromise

With CuroCell® IQ Cirrus we have combined the best of our technology with all our knowledge and experience into a fully automated system suitable for pressure redistributing care.  

Our Pulsating mode, with a documented high level of comfort and pressure redistrubution, in combination with our most advanced hybrid mattress, enable indivudualised care that allows no compromises. 

Air and foam for maximum redistribution

One of our most advanced mattresses offers great care and effective pressure redistribution for even the most demanding users. 

CuroCell® IQ Cirrus combines air with a soft foam surface and provides high user comfort and pressure redistrubution⁽¹⁾. The heel function offers additional protection by relieving pressure on the heels. Moreover, the dual cover system reduces the shearing effect when adjusting the bed.

1 Hsu et al., "Noise pollution in hospitals: Impacts on patients", J. Clin. Out. Mgmt. 2012, vol 19, no 7, p301-309.

"Our staff found the mattress extremely quiet and easy to handle.
As the air cells are less noticeable than in many other mattresses, we used it for a patient who found pressure adjustments in other mattresses unpleasant, with very good results."

Nurse, Sweden

Intelligent simplicity

The new CuroCell® IQ features simplicity at its best. The system identifies the user and automatically adjusts itself to the individual, thereby allowing better care for the user as well as reduced work load for caregivers. 

The CuroCell® IQ control unit is pre-set to our newly developed Pulsating mode, which offers a documented high level of comfort. 

Reliable solution

With the CuroCell® IQ we offer a truly automatic system, and a new level of safety and efficiency. The control unit is equipped with active sensors, prepared to continuously react to body position changes, without the need of any manual settings or adjustments.

Always offering an effective solution for each individual in every situation, the CuroCell® IQ means less handling for staff and increased safety for the user. This enables increased reliability and individualisation in your care.

"We borrowed a CuroCell® Cirrus for a patient with complicated and deteriorating pressure ulcers, and already the first night we received positive feedback from the nursing staff. For the first time in a long while, they had turned the patient in her bed without her expressing any feeling of pain."

Occupational Therapist, Sweden

Pressure redistribution and comfort

CuroCell®IQ Cirrus is used as an aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers/pressure injuries up to and including category 4, and unclassified pressure ulcer. It is a replacement system designed for all healthcare environments. 

Clinical Studies prove benefits of the Pulsating mode

We have made the CuroCell® IQ our most intelligent, yet simplest control unit so far. The Pulsating mode is the only featured programme, making it easier than ever to individualise. The clinical results of the Pulsating mode has been proven in clinical studies.

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