No pressure Ulcers in Trosa – thanks to training

“I called around yesterday morning and found out that there are currently no pressure ulcers in elderly care homes in Trosa,” says Occupational Therapist Ulrika Nilsson proudly and notes that a major reason for this is the training healthcare professionals have received.

What you should consider when making the bedding for a user at risk for pressure ulcers/injuries

Figure out the users condition before preparing the bed. Never prepare the bed with more layers than necessary. More layers between the skin and the mattress create higher pressure. Always individualise the preparing of the bed based on status and general condition.

Correct positioning for breathing support

Bedridden patients who has difficulties breathing can be helped by position changes with the use of positioning pillows. In this article we introduce four solutions where positioning pillows can help stimulate breathing by providing varying degrees of support and relief for the lungs.

How can I tell when the mattresses need to be replaced?

The purpose of performing a mattress inventory is to identify worn out mattresses at an early stage. By discarding or replacing these old mattresses you raise the hygienic standard and avoid unnecessary suffering.

Back injured Rasmus doesn't have to worry about pain during golf tours

Seven years ago, Rasmus Lia was in a serious skiing accident where he severly hurt his hip and back. This made touring as a golf player especially difficult.

Prevent pressure ulcers and reduce costs

Large savings can be made with the right mattress

Refresh your skill set this fall

"Given how good resources we have in Sweden, we should be better at preventing pressure ulcers, but the level of knowledge is often way too low"