“The pump is easy to operate and silent running”

We have been using CuroCell 4 PRO alternating pressure mattresses for a long time. They are easy to use and clean. The pump is easy to operate and silent‐running. When the static function is used, it is easier to use. There are great accessories that make making the bed (sheet holder) and caring for patients (stretcher frames on the cover) easier. Cables also don’t hang loose on the floor thanks to the cable holder.

The deliveries are smooth and easy. Renting is advantageous, since you don’t have to worry about servicing and other maintenance. If anything happens to the mattress, it is simply replaced.

Head Nurse, Sweden

“Easy to use and set up, and has the functions required for safe, good care”

Our Unit is part of the Oncology Clinic at the Hospital. We care for chronically ill patients in the final stages of their lives. We have several anti-decubitus mattresses, but there is also a need for more advanced air mattresses.

We have been hiring CuroCell 4 mattresses from Care of Sweden since the autumn, but now we have also purchased our own. The mattress is simple, functional and worth the price. It is easy to use and set up, and has the functions required for safe, good care.

If we need to hire mattresses or request help and information, the company is always available to offer quick service.

Head of Department, Sweden

“Satisfies the requirements that the department stipulates for functionality, simplicity and price”

The paediatric clinic examines, cares for and treats children and adolescents up to the age of 18 in need of specialist care. In special cases relating to certain chronic illnesses, the clinic is also responsible for treating older patients. The clinic’s responsibility covers all paediatric specialities. The clinic also has special responsibility for chronically-ill children with various disorders, deformities, intellectual disabilities and specific sociomedical problems. The paediatric clinic also cares for children with surgical and orthopaedic illnesses.

There are many different types of mattresses in the department. When we require a more advanced mattress, we choose to use Care of Sweden’s alternating pressure mattress CuroCell 4. This mattress satisfies the requirements that the department stipulates for functionality, simplicity and price. It is simple to set up and has a static function that makes it easier for staff to care for patients. The mattress has the functions required for healing wounds up to and including category 4.

We have hired CuroCell 4 mattresses as required since 2004 and are pleased with them. It does not take long to get a mattress set up in the department. If we have any questions or thoughts, Care of Sweden is always available to hear them, even outside of office hours.

Head nurse, Sweden

"A pain relieving mattress that only has advantages"

We have tried and tested the CuroCell Area mattress from Care Of Sweden on an extremely sick patient who had chronic pressure ulcer. During the patients treatment which has lasted for some 2 ½ years, we have tried quite a few different pain relieving mattresses, none of which could be used and none were accepted by our patient. Mattresses with pumps were experienced as uneven in pain relief, the air distribution in the mattress gave a cooling effect and the humming of the pump was disturbing through the night.

We have even tried mattresses of a simpler kind, without pumps supposedly tested for category 2 patients but none of these were acceptable either.

During our patients last month he got the opportunity to try the CuroCell Area, this mattress was accepted immediately and our patient said he was extremely happy with it.

We registered the following comments:

It was quiet.
It had no cooling effect.

It gave an even and calming pain relief.
It was beautiful to lie on.
It didn`t feel cheap.
It was very easy to clean.

Unfortunately we didn`t have access to the CuroCell Area earlier, it was only during the last month of our patients life that he was able to try it. We are quite sure that if we had of had access to this mattress at an earlier stage then the development of his pressure ulcer would have been limited. We could actually see that the ulcer was drying normally, it was odourless and this gave us the opportunity to decrease treatment intervals which in turn gave our patient an improved quality of life towards the end.

Registered nurse, Sweden

"The mattress has been easy to use"

On ward Cardiology, the CuroCell SAM mattress has been tested for the period of three months. Both the staff and patients are very satisfied with it. The mattress has been easy to use and easy to clean and carry. The fact that the mattress is quickly inflated is seen as an advantage. It is also easy to turn the patient on the mattress. CuroCell SAM doesn't require a lot of storage space. The only thing missing is a transportation function for longer transports. At one point, the tube disconnected from the pump. Discomfort for the patient would have been avoided if the pump had an alarm function. Overall, the staff were satisfied with the mattress.

Chief of care unit, Cardiology, Sweden

"No signs of pressure ulcers during hospitalization"

In neurology, the CuroCell SAM mattress has been tested for several months. Both the personnel and the patients are very satisfied with it.

CuroCell SAM is easy to use and easy to clean. We often have patients who spend a lot of time in bed and are in need of mattresses that are sturdier than standard. These users have had no signs of pressure ulcers during hospitalization thanks to the low pressure in the mattress.

Assistant nurse, Sweden

"Sleep like a king"

During the fall of 2009, the undersigned was hospitalized in critical condition at Borås Lasarett Hospital. The mattress was fantastic and for the first time in a long time, I slept well and woke without pain. It was a feeling that I had not experienced for a very long time. My personal assistant checked the underside of the mattress and read "Care of Sweden i Svenljunga". After being released, I couldn't stop thinking about the pain free nights when I slept so well. After about six months of pain medication every night, we found information about the supplier and called the company. After some quick management I received a mattress, however, it was too hard. But this was quickly exchanged for a new one that was perfect. I have had my CuroCell SAM complete mattress with air pressure for a while and now sleep like a king. I wake up well rested every morning and avoid pain at night as well as in the morning. It also prevents pressure and bed ulcers, which I am susceptible to because I cannot move around on my own. An added bonus is the light buzzing from the pump that lulls me to sleep, so good night and looking forward to a wonderful tomorrow.

Personal Assistance, Sweden

“Patient feedback on CuroCell Cirrus"

I have worked as a nurse in the field of palliative care for 15 years. Since electrical pressure mattresses have been in use I have been trying to find one that serves all purposes such as patient comfort, low noise, easy to use and clean, while at the same time meets the standards for pressure relieving and infection control measures.

I am delighted to say that the CuroCell Cirrus fits the bill perfectly. In palliative care, patients conditions can change rapidly, by having the memory foam cover for comfort any patient can be admitted and use this mattress from the outset. This in my experience has not been the case with all mattresses. Prior to using CuroCell Cirrus, patients have often requested that some mattresses be removed as they found them both uncomfortable and very noisy.

Patient feedback on CuroCell Cirrus has been excellent and we now have 10 of these mattresses which are in continuous use and the results are remarkable and all feedback has been positive. Our nursing team is just as positive because they can relate to how comfortable the patients feel while using them in addition to the excellent pressure relieving properties.

The wipe clean mattress cover ensures that the memory foam is protected, is easy to clean and can be machine washed in 95 degrees if needed for infection control measures. The need to send a mattress for deep cleaning has been effectively eliminated and has indirectly had a major cost saving effect for the hospice.

The initial expense is outweighed by the patient experience and I would certainly recommend CuroCell Cirrus for use, particularly in the hospice environment.

Ward Sister, Sweden

“Less painkillers”

We always use CuroCell Cirrus to solve our problems for patients who have problems with pain, discomfort, noise etc. as well as having a high risk of pressure ulcer development.

We use CuroCell Cirrus for our patients suffering from cancer, rheumatism, sclerosis, ALS, patients who are extremely thin and of course for terminal patients.

Often we se patients with a combination of one of the above sicknesses and a pressure ulcer, or is in a high risk category to get a pressure ulcer.

With CuroCell Cirrus we can give our patients extremely good comfort combined with very good pressure reduction which means that we can both prevent pressure ulcers from occurring and treat pressure ulcers that have already occurred.

CuroCell Cirrus is used in many different areas of the Danish healthcare system, examples of this are hospices, nursing homes, hospitals and in homecare.

Our doctors, nurses and indeed many of our patients are very happy with CuroCell Cirrus because they receive a great deal of comfort which at the same time reduces the need for painkillers. Many of our patients have not been able to sleep because of a great degree of pain but there has been a remarkable difference after they started to use CuroCell Cirrus.

Nurse, Denmark

“The patient could sleep better and her wounds gradually improved”

There are 47 residents, living in four different departments. Many of the residents have multiple diseases and have an enormous need for good care and attention.

One of our residents has a diagnosis of Multiple Epifyeal Dysplasis, her condition deteriorated and her functional capacities worsened and she became bedridden for most of the day.

Despite all preventive measures, she developed a SIPS (Spina iliaca posterior superior) wound on her right side. We tried several different mattresses for prevention and treatment, but the patient experienced that the pressure fluctuations were very unpleasant during both sleeping and transferring in and out of bed.

When we contacted Care of Sweden, the patient had developed pressure ulcer category 4, SIPS bilateral, and category 2, in the sacrum. She was given the opportunity to try a CuroCell Cirrus mattress. She had severe body pains and expressed her wish for a mattress with a high degree of comfort and was especially happy because it did not pulsate.

Because CuroCell Cirrus is designed so that the air chambers are not so noticeable, the patient slept better and moved independently in and out of bed, with the result being that the wounds gradually improved. The mattress has worked much better than expected for this patient.

Our staff found the mattress extremely quiet and easy to handle, as well as being very easy to keep clean. The mattress was specially adapted to the patients needs and the delivery time was short. Cooperation with Care of Sweden through the company´s local representative has been very positive, we have been treated very professionally and their representative has been responsive and has made several follow-ups.

With this letter we can recommend other prescribers to try CuroCell Cirrus.

Registered nurse, Sweden